Cheat Sheets

Here are the types of cheat sheets that are part of the Pass Quicker program.


Lab Values

A quick reference guide to the most common solutions you’ll come across in a hospital.


Drug Card Cheat Sheets

Studying Pharmacology drugs can be difficult. Quirk’s drug card cheat sheets can make your life much easier by helping you instantly identify drugs by common and less common names.


Most Commonly Prescribed Medications

This cheat sheets will make you instantly familiar with the most commonly-prescribed medications that you will encounter when you are a practising nurse.


Common Medication Prefixes and Suffixes

No need to try to memorize all those confusing medication prefixes and suffixes. QuikRN’s cheat sheets help you to instantly remember or understand what most medications mean and do. With this helpful tool at your fingertips, you’ll be able to instantly break down the name and recognize medications right away.


60+ Must Know Lab Values

This cheat sheet is the quickest and easiest way to master all of your most important lab-values.


Hemodynamic Values

Struggling with knowing all of the standard Hemodynamics Values? This QuikRN’s cheat sheet will keep this important knowledge top of mind.

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