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QuickRN: A One-of-a Kind Program to Develop, Train and Market Qualified Nurses Across North America


There are many barriers that internationally-educated nurses face today. My personal goal is to create a pathway for them to succeed and fulfill their dreams.

Nel Coloma-Moya

Who is the force behind QuickRN?

Meet Nel

No, it’s not a faceless corporation, but rather one extraordinary Canadian nurse.

Born in the Philippines, Nel Coloma-Moya has been through the process and cares deeply about the success of International nurses in Canada. She created QuickRN in response to the growing pressure for nurses, both International and domestic, to meet the stringent requirements for obtaining a North American license.

The revolutionary NCLEX prep program was personally developed by Nel herself, including the compilation of its unique information, extensive question banks, webinars, and disciplined processes and methodologies.

Approachable and helpful, Nel is always available for QuickRN students who are invited to reach out to her directly to answer any exam or career questions.

Nel Coloma-Moya

M.A. M.A. PhD (candidate)

From senior nurse to educator & innovator

As a former nurse with twenty years of experience Nel decided to pursue higher education to satisfy her passion for learning.

She went on to attain two MA degrees in education and geography. She is currently pursuing her PHD. She launched QuickRN – a labour of love and years of research –  in 2017 in order to help nurses from around the world better understand the current culture, meet professional nursing requirements, and expertly navigate their future within the health care industry.

A product of Nel’s entrepreneurship and adult education mastery, QuickRN is designed to fully prepare nurses with drive, ability and critical thinking capacity to be true leaders in their field.

Her insight, deep knowledge and passion has created innovative technologies for nurses to apply to the NCLEX, and brought to the nursing world a uniquely ‘new age’ approach to exam preparation and career success.


On a mission to inspire, empower and address the shortage of licensed nurses



QuickRN helps individuals achieve their educational and career goals – and helps recruiters of nursing professionals connect with the right candidates. We build successful careers one nurse at a time.

Our mission at QuickRN is:
  • to provide aspiring nurses with the tools and confidence they need to succeed in nursing school, on the NCLEX®, and in their life.
  • to address the shortage of qualified nurses in North America, by growing a reliable database of licensed nurses for recruiters to use in their candidate search.


Our core values define our company culture and provide the framework for what we deliver to our customers and employees each day: 

  • Integrity: We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards in everything we do.
  • Support: We give you the tools you need to succeed.
  • Knowledge: We offer expert resources to help you achieve your academic and career best.
  • Opportunity: We open doors and broaden access to education.
  • Results: We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your goals – we succeed when you succeed.

Holistic Approach:

At QuickRN, we believe that the inner place from which we all operate makes a difference to the outcome of our efforts.

Our QuickRN process is unique because it takes a holistic approach to helping you pass the NCLEX by preparing your mind, body and heart. Along with our Qbank web app, we provide special techniques and tools nurses can use to connect with their own rich, inner resources. This 360-degree approach dramatically increases your chances of success on the exam – and in your future nursing career.

Nel’s three tips to ace the test:


Take as many mock NCLEX RN questions as you can find


Start doing practice exams and quizzes from the first day of your review, focusing on the content you are covering with each practice exam.


Enroll now in our QuickRN “Pass Quicker” Program – to get on the fast track to pass the exam with flying colours – and launch your nursing career successfully.

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