Resident Support Aide Online Training

On-line Module program

QuickRN’s Resident Support Aide Training is an intensive, online module program designed to train you to work in a retirement home or community setting.

The first part of the training program provides general information about health care, while the individual modules address global health care, and Canada’s health care system. The training program deals with the role of Resident Support Aides (RSAs) in the long term care industry, their current scope of practice, cultural awareness perspectives and health promotion. The second part of the training program provides foundational knowledge of the body and disease processes. Various modules teach about the activities of daily living and the daily support provided to the elderly for nutrition, hygiene, elimination, mobility and mental health.

The online training modules are self-administered, at your own pace, with a month given to complete the program. Assignments are designed to promote professionalism, continuous learning and self-reflection. A final test will assess comprehension of the material provided. Successful completion leads to the next phase of on-the-job training in a designated retirement home setting. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the job related training program.


  • Online training modules – $900 CAD tax included
  • In-person skill building practicum – $500

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  • Intensive online learning
  • Modules with self-paced learning 
  • Reflective journals to apply what you have learnt
  • Get certified in Ontario 
  • Connections to hiring teams in Ontario 
  • Job Preparation

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