Personal Support Worker Training Certificate

Better care for seniors

The Province Of Ontario Is Committed To Providing Better Care For Seniors.

Working in a nursing home or retirement home is fulfilling, rewarding and within your grasp. Train as a Personal Support Worker (PSW) and your skills will get you in the door. QuickRN will refer you to the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario where the 5 month program will get you in a job as soon as you finish. The 2 month co-op program will put you into a nursing home and straight into the workforce.

The PSW Program At The Catholic District School Board Of Eastern Ontario Will Help You Get A Student Visa To Start You On Your Path.

The PSW program at the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario will help you get a student visa to start with. QuickRN will help you settle, find a place to live and support your progress as you move forward. We are here to make sure you succeed with language and cultural awareness workshops.

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